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Mostofi Arena Seeks Naming Rights Partner 

(January 1st 2020) Mostofi Arena announced its interest in partnering with a "blue chip" company to re-name the 2,500 person capacity Mostofi Arena. A spokesperson for Mostofi Arena said "The Mostofi Arena is in its planning stages and will begin construction in 2021 with the aim of opening early 2022. The location will not be disclosed yet but it will be within 1 to 1.5 hours driving distance from Los Angeles. Naming Rights deals make sense for companies because they allow brands to connect on an emotional level with sports fans. The Mostofi Arena is offering a 10 Year 20 Million Dollars Naming Rights Agreement to companies that would like to increase their interaction with sports fans.The focus of the Mostofi Arena will be to host Professional Boxing events but will also host E-Sports tournaments, music concerts, and trade shows. The positive economic impact of the Mostofi Arena will be widespread as it will create jobs, stimulate nearby local economies, and increase business for nearby communities."


1. Interact with sports fans on an emotional level.

2. Increase Mind-Share.

3. Extend your brand reach.

4. Provides a physical location to interact with sports fans.

5. Allows for Merchandising in order to increase company visibility.